Common Cellphone Issues & Solutions

Cell phones may offer mistakes sometimes, and we know it can be a challenging circumstance. That is why we chose to make a leading 10 of one of the most common cellphone issues as well as their options.

So you can address them without shedding your head and also your cash. 

Numerous difficulties are a bit more difficult to fix if you are not a technology professional. 

If you can refrain from it by yourself, we advise you to take your cellphone to an authorized solution specialist, and ideally, they will help you.

So, we invite you ahead with us and uncover points that perhaps you did not know concerning your mobile phone.

1. Slow Phone 

This is something that everyone has experienced at least as soon as. It is the most common mobile phone problem, and it can be related to old phones. Nevertheless, more recent devices can provide the same trouble. 

When your Random-Access Memory (RAM) has many apps like single-wide mobile home renovationsPikdo, and documents that you do not utilize or need, your phone tends to respond gradually. 


Tidy your mobile phone and close/delete applications, documents and also clear the cache data. If you have been riding an application lately and your phone is not functioning well, you need to uninstall it and see if your phone runs faster. 

If this does not assist you, you can likewise attempt saving crucial info on Google Drive, Dropbox, or simply on your computer. After that, you can restore your cellular phone to manufacturing facility data. 

2. Poor Battery Life 

An added typical problem that occurs to everyone is when your phone never has a battery sufficient, although you do not use everything at the moment. 

Various aspects can impact your battery life, and also you need to take them right into account before losing your battery. 


First, you need to try to dim the screen illumination and shut off the GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth if you are not using them. You can also enable the Battery Saving Mode as well as see if your battery lasts longer. 

In addition, you ought to inspect your Battery Usage in your phone Settings and see which apps are using much more battery. 

You can shut or disable the ones draining pipes even more battery if you usually do not require them. 

3. Overheating Phone 

This usual trouble can be related to the previous one. An overheating phone is sometimes about problems with your phone battery. 

Yet, it can also be related to your battery charger and the area you usually have your phone. If you are experiencing this, you must fix it quickly because your battery and also your phone display can be seriously harmed. 


You need to try the previous possible remedies first to see if this trouble is straightly related to your battery problem. 

If it maintains overheating, attempt to lug your phone to a new location as well as keep it far from the sunlight’s warmth. You can also offer your phone some mins to “refresh” and start using it again.

4. Full Storage Space 

Perhaps you are the sort of individual that conserves a lot of images, tracks, papers as well as a few other files as well as. Although you do not require them anymore, you do not delete them. 

Occasionally those data are so old that you forget you have them saved in your cell phone. Unnecessary apps also occupy a crucial storage area that can be used for various other matters. 


This 4th usual mobile problem can be associated with the first we already mentioned in the past. When you have filled up your storage room, your mobile phone tends to react slowly. 

So, the possible solutions for this problem are the same: try to delete those files and apps that you do not use anymore; you can also delete old calls and text messages and clean the cache data. 

Attempt to move those documents you would love to maintain with you on an internet cloud or acquire a microSD card to conserve that beneficial info in a safe place. 

5.Application Crashes/Freezes

This trouble occurs a lot; although it is a highly bothersome point, it is not so tough to resolve. 

Although it must not be a specific point.

The fact is that applications often present this problem and can be connected to bugs on the application, or possibly your os is not the best or the latest for those apps. 

Some applications regularly include brand-new alternatives and improve some information for better performance; however, in some cases, your phone can not support the current version, and that application begins crashing regularly. 


The first thing you need to attempt is to reboot your cellular phone and start utilizing the app again. You can likewise most likely to the Application Supervisor as well as stop the application, sometimes cleaning up the cache data also functions. 

If it continues doing the very same, try to uninstall the application and install it once more. As it was discussed previously, occasionally, the app has a lot of pests that cause this issue. 

7.Applications Not Downloading and install

Customers grumble a great deal regarding this issue that can be resolved with simply a few actions similar to those described in the 4th problem. This generally happens because of corrupt cache, and it is pretty easy to fix it. 


Attempt cleaning the applications cache, and you can also clean the history of Google Play and Google Play Providers. Remember to restart your mobile phone after doing that and try once again to download the app you desire.

8.MicroSD card does not function

When your phone is complete, yet you do not wish to shed your files, and you are also hectic to relocate them to another location, you most likely consider that old microSD card you purchased a couple of years earlier. 

Yet, here comes the problem: your gadget does not want to accept that card.


Your microSD probably has errors, and your phone is not identifying that card. 

Try to attach a card viewer to your PC and layout the microSD card at least two times. Reboot your smartphone and insert the SD card again. 

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